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MCI buses Motor Coach Industroes Image, Pictures, Screen Shot of the Corporate Website are arguably the most popular manufacturer of buses. They have been around for nearly three quarters of a century. Founded in 1933 by Harry Zoltok, the company saw its first design for an 11 passenger motor coach at the Winnipeg repair shop. At the time the name of the company was Fort Garry Motor Body and Paint Works LLC. In 1941 the company officially changed its name to Motor Coach Industries. In 1948, Greyhound of Canada Acquired 65 percent of the company. In 1958, they acquired the rest. From there, many advancements were made within the company. The first 40 foot motor coach was built, the MCI MC-6 motor coach. That later evolved into the MC-9. The MC-9 is an iconic MCI bus, as up until recently it was the country's all time best selling bus. Impressively enough, it was only outpaced by another MCI bus series, the MCI D Series.

Today, MCI bus sales lead the way in the entire North American Continent. No other manufacturer can boast the success that MCI buses can boast. If you are looking to buy a bus, it most likely going to be one of the many MCI buses for sale that you will end up purchasing.

MCI Buses for Sale

Motor Coach Industroes Images & Pictures of Pre-Owned MCI Buses For Sale
  • How many different MCI bus models are there? There are at least 22 different MCI for sale models
  • What are the different models of MCI buses? There are the MC-5, MC-5A, MC-6, MC-8, MC-9, MC-12, D4505, E4500, F3500, G4500, J4500, 96A2, 102A3, 102C, 102C3, 102D3, 102D3SS, 102DL, 102DL3, 102DL22, 102EL3, 9221 MCI Coach buses for sale.
  • What should I expect to get when I look at an MCI bus for sale? Most MCI motor coaches for sale are known for their immense size. 47 passenger MCI buses are almost the standard minimum. This means you should expect a bus that is capable of transporting many people, so whether you plan to use it for business or recreation, expect a big vehicle! You will definitely need someone with a commercial driver's license if you expect to get buy any MCI motor coaches for sale.
  • Are used MCI buses for sale reliable? The short answer is YES. MCI used buses for sale are reliable by nature. Of course, many extenuating circumstances could sully the reliability of one of these behemoths. Vehicle mileage is a huge factor. One million miles means the vehicle is likely to be nearing the end of its life. This also assumes a diesel engine. Gas engines do not share the same long term life. Most of the time, you can expect diesel, but be sure to check! Of course, previous owners have an influence as well. When looking for used mci buses, look for terms like 'original owner'. That not only means that there was only one previous owner, but it also most likely means that the previous owner is proud of the way they treated the bus. And of course, a worn interior or exterior also suggests the vehicle was treated badly, so keep that in mind as well.
  • How much does the average used MCI bus for sale cost? There is no easy answer to this question. MCI buses for sale can run as low as 10k in price. The nicest, newest ones can be as much as three hundred thousand dollars! The short answer is that many tend to be in the 50k range. It is largely dependent upon the year and model. Wear and mileage will also be a great contributing factor. If you want to know a reliable average you should first settle on a particular used MCI bus model.
  • What makes for a good MCI bus sale? Like any sale, Good MCI bus sales are defined by quality versus price. They should be of relatively low miles, and have minimal wear in the exterior and on the exterior. Getting a feel for the average cost of a model, and comparing that to the cost and condition of a particular MCI bus for sale will certainly serve to help you find the best deal.
  • Which is the best model of mci busses for sale? Certainly one of the most popular is the F3500. Ironically it is one of the smaller passenger models, ranging from 18 to 36 passengers. It is also a relatively new model, and is only slightly above the median average in cost. Prices range from 50-100k.

MCI Bus Conversions

  • Are MCI bus conversions for sale a good conversion to go with? Generally speaking, yes. Since the typical MCI bus for sale is large, it allows for a large MCI Conversion. This means plenty of living space. There would tend to be ample room for any and all amenities, and enough room to sleep a large family. Of course, this means expensive too. For a family of 3 or 4, a smaller conversion bus would be a better move.
  • Should I buy an MCI bus conversion for sale or just convert it myself? Typically you are better off simply looking for mci bus conversions for sale, as opposed to finding a passenger coach and converting it yourself. However, if you can find an MCI shell, you may want to look into that find. It will cost a lot of time to convert a bus. The savings may be little to non-existent. MCI shells are hard to find. You don't want to invest thousands in a bus with 55 seats still in it and get stuck somewhere in the process of converting it. Worst case scenario, you find some MCI bus conversions that come closest to your needs, and continue the job of converting it from there.
  • How much would it cost to perform my own MCI conversion? It may save some money, but then again it is easy to get overcharged on labor. DIY conversion is not for amateurs. One way or another, it will certainly cost you time. Unless you are in the business of converting, it is recommend you stay away from it!
  • Why should I choose an MCI conversion for sale over another manufacturer? If you want a large area, this is a good manufacturer to go with because not only do they suit that need, but they also make quality buses!

Used MCI Buses for Sale

Basically, when it comes to buying a bus, MCI is a great place to start looking. MCI buses tend to stand the test of time, offer a variety of sizes (though they tend to be on the larger end), and are supported by arguably the most well known, most reputable, and most successful bus manufacturers of all time.

1992 MCI MC-12 Bus
2001 MCI D4500 Bus
2002 MCI J4500 Bus
MCI Bus Parts
MCI Bus Parts are expensive, as all coach parts are. A good way to save money on maintenance is to find the MCI part you need, try to obtain it yourself, and take it to a mechanic to replace for you. This can save a couple bucks here and there, but for example, if it is a transmission you are replacing, this could save thousands!
MCI J4500
The grand daddy of all MCI buses, the MCI J4500. Find out about the specs and read some tips and tricks on how to find one at a relatively low cost and in good condition.
Motor Coach Industries
Motor Coach Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of buses and bus parts, and also one of the leading providers of after market service. They have excelled in their 80 years of business and are one of the largest bus companies in North America today.